WordPress 5.2"Jaco"

Hello I WordPress 5.2 is available for download since May 7th. The new version includes more tools for identifying and fixing configuration isses and fatal errors. It also has accessibility updates, new dashboard icons and most importantly security update for WordPress core. We, of course, focus our blog post on the security side of the new ... Read More »

9th May 2019
Upgrade to WOrdPress 5.0

As of now, you should be aware that the release of WordPress 5.0 RC is scheduled for December 6, 2018. To help you stay far from the hassle, it is our recommendation that, if you are deliberating updating to WordPress 5.0 immediately after it is released (December 6, 2018), think twice before doing that. WordPress 5.0 is a major update that ... Read More »

5th Dec 2018
GDPR Compliance

What is GDPR? By now everyone has heard about it and it has been a subject of great talk among web designers, anyone with an online presence. More can be found here, however, let’s us tell you what it is in short. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all ... Read More »

19th May 2018
Get SSL Protection NOW!!

Time is running out and google is making some security changesGoogle will be making Some upcoming changes that could potentially affect your website. The time has come!  As of now, Google Chrome will consider any website as “not secure” if it collects passwords or credit card information without having an SSL installed. Make sure your site ... Read More »

17th Jan 2017